Posted by: Bill Jones | January 5, 2008


Well, the storm of the new year has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited. After being summoned all over Southern California for various holiday fare, we can finally relax and drink some wine. Whilst we are sinking into our new couch with the rain pouring down, I think some Jack will do fine.

Here’s a live show in Phoenix, Arizona at The Dodge Theatre from August 5th 2005.

Disc One

01. Never Know
02. Taylor
03. Dreams Be Dreams
04. Banana Pancakes
05. Do You Remember
06. Flake
07. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (incl. Just What I Needed)
08. Cookie Jar
09. Symbol on My Driveway
10. Rodeo Clowns
11. Constellations +
12. Breakdown +
13. Never Gonna Give You Up > Holes to Heaven
14. Tomorrow Morning
15. Bubble Toes (incl. My Girl)
16. Wasting Time
17. Belle %
18. Mudfootball %

Disc Two

01. Horizon Has Been Defeated
02. Bad Fish > Boss DJ
03. Inaudible Melodies
04. Good People
05. Times Like These *
06. No Other Way *
07. Two of Us **
08. The News > Natural Mystic *
09. Plastic Jesus > Fall Line > Spring Wind *
10. Pirate Looks at 40 *
11. Better Together *

This entire show has Zach Gill on organ, except where noted.
+ w/ Dan Lebowitz
% Zach on acordian
* Jack solo
** w/ Zach and Matt Acosta

Here is a big fat zip of the files.


  1. this is a truly geat site for music and musical knowlege! well done gent!

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