Posted by: Bill Jones | January 11, 2008

Pixie Sticks

Sometimes you find/stumble upon someone else’s music library and find things that you would never think might be your style and it actually works out. Now, I know these guys are nothing new or cutting edge, but I just was never into these guys.
What? I know, how can you not be? I am also the guy who hasn’t seen Forest Gump. Here is a live show from Austria. At the fabled Messepalast in Vienna on June 12th, 1989 the Pixies have quite the set list. Enjoy!

Bone Machine > Cactus
Crackity Jones
Gouge Away
Holiday Song
I Bleed
Isla de Encanta
Levitate Me
Mr. Grieves
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Nimrod’s Son
No. 13 Baby
River Euphrates
There Goes My Gun
Wave of Mutilation
Where is My Mind

Once again here’s the big fat ZIP

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