Posted by: Bill Jones | January 21, 2008

Secret Radiohead Show – with links

Radiohead Live at 93 Feet East
London England January 16th 2008

The gig was originally planned to take place at the Rough Trade East shop across the road, but the gig was forced to move due to concerns over crowd numbers.

Said 93 Feet East Events Manager Sean Hitchings “As far as we were aware they were playing Rough Trade. Then I just got a phone call in the evening saying could we accommodate the gig? It just steamrollered from there.”

The venue then had a task on their hands to accommodate the gig with so little warning: “It was the first night this year where we didn’t have a show on, so we just had to get in touch with the sound engineer, told him to get his arse down here and got a couple of bar people in. The band had their own security so that was all taken care of, then it was just a case of watching them carry their stuff over from Rough Trade to 93 Feet East.”

Hitchings added: “It was the stuff of dreams. I’ve had phone calls and emails all day about it because not that long ago I said to people ‘One day we’ll have Radiohead here’, it’s always been a dream, and then last night it was a case of ‘Excuse me, the hairs on my arms are standing up again’.”

A Radiohead fan himself, Hitchings declared that: “The show was amazing, I’m a big fan of ‘In Rainbows’ and it was good to hear the other stuff.”

“Would we welcome Radiohead back to do a residency?” Hitchings asked rhetorically. “Yeah, I think so. Absolutely!”

What an amazing night! The stuff of dreams! Totally at the last minute, we were asked to host the Radiohead gig!
The band were initially supposed to play at the Rough Trade store around the corner, but it got a bit crowded, so they moved it here!
So, even though their gig started around 10, Radiohead played their new album ‘In Rainbows’ in full and managed a few classics too! It was hypnotising to hear fans sing along to their favourite songs, and to see such a popular band in s small venue like 93.
Good times had by all!
Team 93

Here is the set list :

01 – 15 Step
02 – Bodysnatchers
03 – Nude
04 – Weird Fishes-Arpeggi
05 – All I Need
06 – Faust Arp
07 – Reckoner
08 – House of Cards
09 – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
10 – Videotape
11 – (crowd noise)
12 – Up On The Ladder
13 – You And Whose Army
14 – The National Anthem
15 – My Iron Lung
16 – The Bends

Here are two links to download part 1 part 2

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