Posted by: Bill Jones | January 26, 2008

Beatles – Medium Rare

beatles image 1969Wow! Here’s an uncomfortable little Beatles bootleg, that appears to be titled “And In The End.”

These recordings find the band at their rather difficult 1969 and early 1970 period. Despite all the strains and tensions of that time, musically they were still producing adventurous and excellent material; continually spurred on by the Southern Californian Beach Boys lead by the musical genius Brian Wilson.

Some things to note: “The Long Medley” (both parts) which are from EMI master tapes in their original form, with “Her Majesty” in it’s original position.

In the Trident Studios Acetate of “I Want You” Paul handles the lead vocals on the Lennon song.

Even more interesting is the fact that “I Me Mine” and “Let It Be” are both being recorded with only Paul, George and Ringo, together in the studio. Lennon’s absence is noted by George when he mentions, “Dave Dee is no longer with us”.

The full track listing is:

1. Come Together (Take 1) (John’s Acetate) (07/21/69)
2. I Want You (Trident Acetate) (02/22/69).
3. I Need You (Trident Acetate) (02/22/69).
4. Oh Darling (Early Version) (04/20/69).
5. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Alternate Stereo Mix) (08/06/69).
6. Octopus’s Garden (Early Stereo Mix) (04/29/69).
7. You Never Give Me Your Money (Acetate) (07/11/69).
8. The Long Medley (Part 1) (Uncut EMI Tape Reel) (07/30/69).
9. The Long Medley (Part 2) (Uncut EMI Tape Reel) (07/30/69).
10. Her Majesty (Take 3) (Mono) (07/02/69).
11. KMET Los Angeles Radio (January 1970).
12. I Me Mine (Take 1) (01/03/70).
13. I Me Mine (Take 2) (01/03/70).
14. I Me Mine (Acetate) (01/03/70).
15. I Me Mine (Take 15) (01/03/70).
16. Let It Be (Acetate) (01/04/70).
17. The Long And Winding Road (Overdub Session) (04/01/70).

The music quality on this recording is, of course, studio sourced. Some real gems and rarities for all the Beatle nerds out there. A must if you are indeed “a little obsessed” with the Fab Four.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more George.
Here’s your file

Please do not sell these recordings and as always a thank you is always nice! – eargoggles management 

PS: Mad props to Mr. Starr on his recent appearance on Regis. Good job Ringo!

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