Posted by: Bill Jones | January 26, 2008

El Guincho, Canary Island Trip-Hop and Roll

El Guincho – Alegranza – 2007

This past week’s weather in Southern California has been stuck between 2nd and 3rd gear. It’s raining-nope, now it’s sunny skies-wait! now it’s just blah out. I dunno about you, but I like my music to fit my mood, which is affected by the weather, which in turn is affected by the “Global warming” crisis which is due to a lack of organic consumption, blah, blah, blah.

So, we turn to an organic music form courtesy of El Guincho. This gent, Pablo Díaz-Reixa, is from Barcelona-via-Canary Islands and brings with him something reminiscent of one of my favorite finds of last year Person Pitch by Panda Bear. The similarities are there, but there is also a little more of an indigenous sound as opposed to the Brooklyn-based rhythm machined tooling used on Person Pitch.

My little brother recently moved with his wife and little terror of a terrier dog to the island of Grenada. We talk back and forth about life on the island and I hope that this is the music that plays whilst sipping on some homegrown rum.

If this doesn’t help your mood out, then maybe there is no hope for the planet or your future.

Track Listing:

01 – Palmitos Park 2:27
02 – Antillas 5:28
03 – Fata Morgana 3:33
04 – Kalise 5:07
05 – Cuando Maravilla Fui 3:33
06 – Buenos Matrimonios Ahi Afuera 6:45
07 – Costa Paraiso 5:43
08 – Prez Lagarto 3:46
09 – Polca Mazurca 3:38

here is your file -comments and thank yous welcome

PS: track four can get a little addicting

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