Posted by: Bill Jones | January 27, 2008

I’m Freezing…Where’s My Morning Jacket??

Well, it seems like after a considerable silence, there has been a lot of My Morning Jacket news so far in 2008. First of all, details were revealed about the bands next album (it has been some time, as Z came out in the Fall of 2005) that is presently being recorded and set to be released on June 10th. To promote the new album Jim and the boys are scheduled to perform June 20th, in New York, at Radio City Music Hall. Pre-sales tickets are already being reserved; public ticket sales began Friday, January 25th.

One of us saw them at The Wiltern early last year (left)and could not have been more impressed. With a decade-plus recording career, the band remains one of our favorite listens from one of the best bands of the first ten years of this new millennium, and their earlier, spooky, rain-soaked plained grain silo, material we return to time and again. Try it out below “Evelyn Is Not Real.” Sure, this isn’t the loudest or most rockin, but it is certainly the most affecting track off of MMJ’s 1999 Darla Records debut, The Tennessee Fire.

Our grab for today will be from the Bonnaroo Music Festival (That Tent) in Manchester, TN on June 16th, 2006. Completely priceless, as it should be it is music after all.

Set One
–Disc One–
01 Intro
02 Wordless Chorus
03 It Beats 4 U*
04 What A Wonderful Man
05 One Big Holiday
06 Older Guys# > Head Held High@
07 Lowdown*
08 The Way That He Sings
09 Masterplan
10 At Dawn
11 Golden
12 Gideon*
13 Xmas Curtain

–Disc Two–
01 Dondante**
02 Dancefloors
03 Anytime
04 Interlude
05 Mahgeetah

Set Two
06 A Quick One$**
07 Loving Cup > Easy Morning Rebel Jam%**
08 Attitude^**
09 Off The Record
10 Lay Low

–Disc Three–
01 The Dark
02 The Bear*
03 I Will Sing You Songs
04 Heartbreakin’ Man
05 Evelyn Is Not Real**
06 It’s About Twilight Now
07 It Makes No Difference
08 Phone Went West**
09 Run Thru

*With Andrew Bird **KC Guetig on Percussion, Mike DeSalvo on guitar #Flying Burrito Bros. @Velvet Underground $The Who, first time played %Rolling Stones, first time played ^Misfits cover, first time played

MP3: My Morning Jacket :: Evelyn Is Not Real

Here’s the big fat zip    -comments are always welcome-
Amazon: My Morning Jacket – The Tennessee Fire

PS: Andrew Bird appears on a couple of these songs…one of the top artists here at eargoggles. Stay tuned for more on Mr. Bird and his work later on this month. Once again comments are always welcome. Thanks!

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