Posted by: Bill Jones | February 3, 2008

Eli, G-Men Running Down a Dream- Super Bowl XLII and Tom Petty

pettySuper Bowl 42 kicks-off later today and the staff at eargoggles could not be happier. The New Yorkers with their lackluster G-men, led by the only person more annoying than Peyton Manning– Eli. “Easy E” according to his father Archie was always a calm kid, that was Archie’s nickname not mine, from an interview off of ESPN not 3 minutes ago, is a little to calm to be in the Super Bowl for me. It’s like he’s autistic or a little off somehow, I dunno he’s just boring and looks like he may have down-syndrome. No offense….Now, New England on the other hand, are good. Really good. I may be a little biased, Tom Brady was my Fantasy QB, but the dude threw 50 Touchdowns. They are on the verge of an historic season and even though some of the staff here could make a lot of money off a Giant victory I am pulling for the “Massholes.”
Anyway, my pick: New England over New York 52-17. Brady 4 TDS. Wes Welker MVP.

In honor of the Super Bowl and their Halftime Show our selection today is from one of the ugliest men in rock, other than Lyle Lovett and Eli if he had a guitar, Tom Petty(right). I have seen Tom a couple of times; always a good show. Last time I saw him was at Irvine Meadows out in California on the grass on grass and neither Tom nor the Heartbreakers disappointed. This live set is from one of our Favorite places here at eargoggles-Milwaukee, sure we have only been to Wiconsin in the spring, but it is a pretty cool place.

Tom Petty – 2006-06-30 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

01. Listen To Her Heart
02. You Don’t Know How It Feels
03. I Won’t Back Down
04. Free Fallin’
05. Saving Grace
06. Handle With Care
07. I’m Cryin’ (Cover – The Animals)
08. Oh Well (Cover – Fleetwood Mac)
09. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
10. Band Introductions
11. The Waiting (Eddie Vedder on vocals)
12. It’s Good To Be King
13. Honey Bee
14. Learning To Fly
15. Don’t Come Around Here No More
16. Refugee
17. Runnin’ Down A Dream
18. You Wreck Me
19. Mystic Eyes
20. American Girl (Eddie Vedder on vocals)

Buy Tom Petty Music Support artists by going to live shows – the music’s better anyways
Comments always welcome – Your files – Part 1 Part 2

Update: Wow, was I wrong! Giants huh? Well, at least someone at eargoggles came up on a huge sum of money…

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