Posted by: Bill Jones | February 5, 2008

Meet Mars Volta At the Drive-In


Our first live experience with At the Drive-In was at the short-lived Goldenvoice outdoor concert series “Ain’t No Picnic” in Irvine, CA. July 2nd, 2000. While we were already fans of the band from recorded samples, it wasn’t until we saw the skinny-Afro-topped-Prog-rocking-kids-from-Austin that-wanted-to-play-salsa in person that we truly pledged our allegiance to the future of rock music. Not long after that we saw them out in Pomona at the Glasshouse; another stellar show. With plans to see them again in the upcoming year we started to hear some bad news.When Texas-based At the Drive-In went their separate ways back in 2001, fans were left standing, mouths agape, Afro slumped, wondering why. The band, formed in 1994, released two LPs and a ton of EPs before signing to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal Records for 2000’s Relationship of Command. The LP catapulted the band into popularity, touring with Rage Against the Machine and the Foo Fighters, and an appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.
But then, just as the band seemed poised to ascend to worldwide celebrity, the fuse blew and blew big. Prog-rockers worldwide typed simultaneous WTFs before hearing the even better news that now there would benot one, but two new bands formed from the ashes of this groundbreaking group. At the Drive-In pretty much split down the middle, with guitarist Jim Ward, bassist Paul Hinojos, and drummer Tony Hajjar forming the more straightforward pop-esque, emo-tinged Sparta, while vocalist Cedric Bixler and guitarist Omar Rodriguez formed the outrageous prog-cock behemoth The Mars Volta.

Today, here at eargoggles, we got our first taste of the new release from The Mars Volta – The Bedlam in Goliath. (Yes, we bought it. Always support the bands you like; try-out the bands you don’t know and then go see them live.) With every new album they put out there is more “noise” between songs and songs within songs that last 8 to 12 minutes long; but that’s what they’re known for. Lots of filters on Cedric’s vocals, Omar’s guitars, the keys-pretty much the whole record is a prog-lovers delight. At times it is like some Metallica/Judas Priest and then it switches to early Prince and back to the At the Drive-In vibe. A good listen none the less. Make sure you can expell the nervous energy that you may be stuck with after listening to the album however, it got some of us a little too amped-up.

Our selection(s) today are some early At the Drive-In shows:

At the Drive-In Live in Louisville 8.11.99

1.-Alpha Centauri
2. Rascuache
6.-Metronome Arthritis
7.-Hulahoop Wounds
8.-Napoleon Solo

Here’s your file

At the Drive-In – Live Astoria, London, UK – 02.02.2000

03-Pattern Against User
06-Sleepwalk Capsules
07-Rolodex Propaganda
08-Invalid Litter Dept. pt. 1
08-Invalid Litter Dept. pt. 2
10-Enfilade pt. 1
10-Enfilade pt. 2
13-One Arm Scissor
14-Napoleon Solo

Here is your File

Buy At the Drive-In music here

Buy The Mars Volta music here


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  2. I need to meet the mars volta can some one help.?. please….

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