Posted by: Bill Jones | February 15, 2008

Jason Anderson is Awesome! – Self-Proclaimed

jasonandersononthestreet.jpgIf you go to that Myspace thing and look up Jason Anderson’s page you will see that he has indeed proclaimed himself “Awesome.” <So have I, but I can get outta control sometimes> Now, it may sound a little pompous, but there may be some validity to his claims. I had not heard of him before, but you know how hype works. Next thing you know these indie kids are selling ipods or Volkswagen or some other thing “hip” and “green.” So, it appears that he is one of those next great artists with a lot of potential. <Kinda like Phil Plantier was for Boston.>

He has played with, and counts as friends-another of his outrageous boasts…, Kimya Dawson and Tilly and the Wall; his sound could not be further from said company. “On The Street” is a sweaty, jock-y local bar barnstomper—great lyrics, good passion intensity, rippin guitar solos. The title track, is for those who like Bruce Springsteen, not so much New Jersey and would like to hear the words sometimes. It’s got some driving rock and roll delivered in spurts of noise and volume, with again the clean vocals.
Now, “July 4, 2004,” is more for fans of The Replacements. Grinding guitars accented with some fuzz and vocals that build through the entire song, climaxing with a gravelly, hoarse-y shout. This track is truly awesome, <so he can call himself that!> if there is no other reason to listen to this album, then this is it. Of course there are other reasons to listen, it’s free and Jason channels The Boss on the 4th track “From Here to There;” has some horns and is just straight rockin. Seriously this stuff is good. It’s what you would want your buddy’s band to sound like. So when you go to those pointless shows on Tuesdays the $5 beers aren’t a total waste. So, grab some MGD and put on some Neo-Bruce rock.
-Watch out for the hissing, spitting, scratching cat-fight guitar that kicks off “This Will Never Be Our Town” and let Hot Water Music know they have influenced a Yankee.

Here, download the Album for free

*Bonus tracks
Leash (Pearl Jam cover)

Alcoholiday (teenage fanclub cover)

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