Posted by: Bill Jones | February 17, 2008

Norah Jones Covers Arcade Fire…and goes punk?

You might need a set of speakers that go to 11, but it is well worth it, if only for the curiosity satisfaction: The Grammy’s favorite jazzy chanteuse, Norah Jones, covering Arcade Fire‘s “Ocean Of Noise.” This recording we found floating around the interweb is from Ms. Jones’ August 31st performance at Poland’s Sopot International Song Competition festival; sounds like a rocking good time huh? On this cut, Norah starts “We’re going to do a cover song that we’ve been doing only this week. It’s a song by a cool band called Arcade Fire. I don’t know if you know them, or like them…” Dead silence. “…but they’re nice and really good and they’re from Canada.”

Well, Adult Contemporary/jazz fans welcome to the party! Arcade Fire does indeed deserve an expanding audience, and having the likes of Norah covering them is gonna help. It actually is really good, by the way; pretty reverent, but instead of Win‘s whinny candaian-emo voice you get Norah’s dusty, sultry croon over swelling bottleneck slide and country-jazz undertones; awesome! And the palm-muted build-up/ride-out is beautiful.

Listen to Norah’s take at Hypemachine.

norah.jpgPela were the draw to The Delancey on the 12th of May back in 2006, but after their moving set people were told to stick around for No Jo — “Norah Jones’ new punk band,” everyone was informed. No one was sure what to think. But they weren’t leaving. Seeing the Queen of Lite-FM strut up to the mic a few minutes later, slinging a guitar, sporting short shorts, fishnet stockings, an eye mask, and a blonde wig, everyone’s jaws fell. No Little Willies here: Meet El Madmo! Norah was joined by Handsome Band regular Daru Oda, also in costume. While the duo was definitely cute, they definitely were not punk.

There were rock elements however. Tunes were slinky. Others felt like ballsy country stomps. Lyrics were juvenile and cheeky. One song was a warning to scuzzy boys to not “dare look at my derrier.” Another detailed an infatuation with a boy named Carlos who was “so awesome” that Norah was gonna “knit him a sweater.” Then there was the art-rock spoken word bit, over Doors-y texture and whispered theatrics. Some got lost. But all in all, the playing was tight, and the girl’s got pipes. Did we mention the fishnets and short shorts? Nice!

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day and the above stories our selection today is Norah Jones from Germany 2007.

Nora Jones – 2007-01-17 – Baden-Baden, Germany

(TV Broadcast)

01. Cold Cold Heart
02. Sunrise
03. Thinking About You
04. Sinkin’ Soon
05. Not Too Late
06. Until The End
07. Creepin’ In
08. Be My Somebody
09. Rosie’s Lullaby
10. Come Away With Me
11. Lonestar

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