Posted by: Bill Jones | February 22, 2008

Eddie Vedder Finally Gets Jack Johnson

“We were on an ill-fated canoe trip. We were sailing, and we flipped over in a channel. That was quite the little adventure. But we survived that. But, it got kind of life-threatening for a bit. The coolest thing about it was that we were floating in the water – big ocean swells, lot of wind – and we’re bobbing along out there and the mast is pointed straight towards the bottom of the ocean. I didn’t know if we were going be able to upright the deal. And I looked over at Jack and thought, ‘Well, I’m in the water with Jack Johnson, so I was gonna be okay.’ And it turned out he looked over at me and I had a smile on my face, so it made him feel like we were gonna be okay, too. So it’s interesting how you can give each other confidence even though the situation is a bit dire.”

That was an excerpt from Austin Scaggs’ article on take on Jack Johnson in the latest Rolling Stone. The quote was from fellow surf enthusiast and musician Eddie Vedder. He goes on to tell how the two came to meet each other and how Vedder’s respect for Johnson has grown and is indeed very real.

“I met his dad first through different waterman activities. I think it was a while before I met Jack. I think Kelly Slater had given me his first record. I was in the islands at the time, and that went great. It was a great record to listen to in nature. There was a point about two or three years ago when I was with Ben Harper. I said, ‘Okay, Ben, how about you and me chip in and get Jack a distortion pedal?’ And we had a little bit of a laugh, you know? But I thought about that a lot, and that was my fault that I wasn’t getting it. What he’s doing is real. As opposed to him getting a distortion box or opposed to him trying to be something else, it’s real. There are so many positive things that you get from listening to his records or seeing him live. I didn’t get it for a long time, but now I get it.”jackanded.jpg

“You can go down the list of great artists and kind of understand that the are products of their environment. Whether it’s U2 or Henry Rollins or myself or Johnny Lydon, they’re gonna be products of their environment. Seeing Jack, and seeing the other Hawaiian musicians that he plays with and supports, you witness the connection of the music that he makes and how he grew up. It’s his connection with the planet, his connection with nature, his connection with the ocean, his connection with family, and it all comes through in the music. That atmosphere is real. It’s not like he’s fighting demons, and it’s not an act he puts on.”

Jeremy spoken.

Whether you like Pearl Jam or Jack Johnson or neither or both; it is always nice to see musicians, who are truly that, examine each other’s work-especially when styles are different. I dunno, we thought it was a cool story…

Our selection for today is some Pearl Jam. If you have only heard Ten, then you really have not heard Pearl Jam. The live sets that they throw at you can be awesome. This is one of the best; from eargoggles’ soon-to-be sister city Barcelona, Spain.

Pearl Jam – 2006-09-01 – Barcelona, Spain

01. Inside Job
02. Corduroy
03. World Wide Suicide
04. Animal
05. Dissident
06. Given to Fly
07. Breakerfall
08. In My Tree
09. Even Flow
10. You Are
11. State of Love and Trust
12. Whipping
13. Better Man
14. Do the Evolution
15. Life Wasted
16. Encore Break
17. Black
18. Improvisation / Small Town
19. Crazy Mary
20. Comatose
21. Alive
22. Why Go
23. I Believe in Miracles
24. Hunger Strike
25. Baba O’Riley
23. Yellow Ledbetter
Here are your files 1  2  3
also a previous Jack Johnson post here has a pretty nice show too
  • Buy Pearl Jam music here
  • Buy Jack Johnson Music here


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