Posted by: Bill Jones | March 21, 2008

wilco (redux) repost and updates

Wilco Live at Troutdale

wilcobama.jpgWilco has had quite a year; finally nominated for a Grammy and the whole VW thing. Sure, they were nominated for best Rock Album, but nevertheless a good year. They are currently touring the world, excluding the Greater Los Angeles area, soft-rocking their way to stardom (see below). When Jeff Tweedy isn’t battling with migraines or stumping for one of the three idiots running for President (left) he is leading the way for independent bands and fans, in these days of corporate grasping of all things to make money off of all things or anything, towards self-reliance. While some will say it is Radiohead or Tool or My Morning Jacket that is the leader in Music right now, I believe the Alt-Country rockers from Chicago that are the ones leading the pack.

Here’s a bootleg of Wilco playing in Troutdale, Oregon (August 22, 2007) While their double-disc live Kicking Television is a staple for our weekend projects, my fiancé and myself have added this to our growing live set collections. This is possibly the best live audience recording I have ever heard; feels like you are sitting ten rows up, on a blanket, sipping on some high-end box wine with your lady. Tre chic!

Also here is Wilco’s Schedule for their upcoming shows:

April 30 – Rochester, MN @ Mayo Civic Center
May 1 – Fargo, ND @ Fargo Civic Auditorium
May 2 – Winnipeg, Manitoba @ Burton Cummings Theatre
May 4 – Bozeman, MT @ Emerson Cultural Center
May 5 – Missoula, MT @ Adams Center
May 7 – Grand Junction, CO @ Avalon Theater
May 8 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Pikes Peak Center
May 9 – Albuquerque, NM @ Pikes Peak Center
May 11-12 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ
May 15-16 – St, Louis, MO @ The Pageant
August 7 – Charleston, SC @ North Charleston Performing Arts Center


part one

Either Way
You Are My Face
I am Trying to Break Your Heart
Remember the Mountain Bed
Handshake Drugs
Pot Kettle Black
A Shot in the Arm
Side With the Seeds
Shake It Off
War on War
Impossible Germany
Too Far Apart
“Keep it Going”
Jesus Etc.
“Aren’t You All High Yet?”

here is the first half on a zip

part two

I’m the Man Who Loves You
On and On and On
Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
The Late Greats
Hate it Here
I’m Always in Love
Outtamind, Outtasite
California Stars (w/Scott McCaughey on keyboards and Peter Buck on electric guitar)
Heavy Metal Drummer
Via Chicago > Spiders

here is the second part as a zip

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