Posted by: Bill Jones | March 28, 2008

Jack Johnson Finally Gets His Man – Mason Jennings Signs with Brushfire Records

Just about six years ago, Minnesota singer/songwriter Mason Jennings played a show at one of the local colleges, show files below. “I was walking off the stage, and this dude was standing there and was like, ‘Hey, man, keep playing, play some encores,’” says Jennings. That “dude” happened to be Jack Johnson. Mason added, “We’ve been friends since.” When Johnson’s career first skyrocketed, he offered Mason a spot on his newly minted label, Brushfire Records, and Jennings has finally taken the offer. In the Ever, due in May, features folky tunes and meditative lyrics — “I Love You and Buddha Too” holds the power to end all holy wars. Jack Johnson teases the song on the video clip here. “I made the album at a house in the Minnesota woods using Garage Band,” says Jennings, who will open for Johnson this summer. He hopes to run into his idol, Robert Plant, at Bonnaroo. “He’s like a mystical creature,” mused Jennings. “It’ll be like seeing a unicorn backstage.”

mason.jpgMason Jennings joins Rogue Wave as the latest artist to jump on board Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records label. It seems Mason decided to “float on” away from Issac Brock’s Glacial Pace (subsidiary of Sony Music). This move,was both expected by us here at eargoggles and best for Mason and probably should have been explored years ago when Jennings and Johnson were playing hundred-capacity venues together in the Great White North back in 2001.

Expect a new Mason Jennings record in May of 2008.

This stuff is good. Spring has sprung and here at eargoggles that means weekend BBQ’s will need soundtracks and we believe Mason will be in heavy rotation.

Our selection today is that very show in Minnesota mentioned earlier.

October 19, 2001 at The 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN.

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. California (Part II)
03. Butterfly
04. Confidant
05. Sorry Signs On Cash Machines
06. Nothing
07. California
08. Birds Flying Away
09. Every Night (Paul McCartney cover)
10. Better Than That
11. Darkness Between The Fireflies


01. United States Global Empire
02. Duluth
03. The Mountain
04. Big Sur (with beer bottle Slide)
05. New York City
06. Black Panther
07. Stars Shine Quietly
08. Emperor Ashoka
09. Encore Break
10. Plastic Jesus / Fall Line
11. Living In The Moment
12. Bullet

* Double Check the files, might be mislabeled.

Stream the show here

Download it here

*Bonus Show*

Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Ontario February 26, 2007

01 Fighter Girl
02 Be Here Now
03 Butterfly
04 Crown
05 If You Need A Reason
06 Where The Sun Had Been
07 The Mountain
08 Jackson Square
09 Moon Sailing On The Water
10 Some Say Im Not
11 To You

download here

Stream it here

Buy Mason Jennings music here

Comments always welcome!

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