Posted by: Bill Jones | April 4, 2008

Come Away With Me to an Indie Label??

Taken from Team Love Records Site:

Born of social ineptitude and an ageless belief in trick-or-treatery, EL MADMO offers escape, justice, karmic postulation, and that feeling you get when you know something that no one else does. Starting out as a garage band trapped in the basements of various hockey arenas, theirs is a powerfully raw sound that could only be inspired by the smell of Zamboni fuel and sweaty skates.

The band consists of guitarist/singer, Maddie, bassist/singer, El, and majestically afroed drummer, Mo. Their self-titled debut album is a solid piece of body rocking ear-munition revealing a musical labyrinth that challenges you to, “Choose your own adventure.” From the Aeolian darkness of “Vampire Guy”, to the sassy cha-cha of “Fantasy Guy”, to a song that simply asks, “What good is a smile when your head’s in a vise?”, EL MADMO serves up a hot and tasty meal that’ll fill you up and also “Rock Yer Balls Off.”

Okay, so is it just me or does that chick on the right look like someone on a previous post here at eargoggles?? Yup, that is indeed house favorite Norah Jones. In a mask. With an asian chick and a dude in an afro. Apparently they have gone serious with the whole band thing mentioned back in February in an earlier post here and have been signed to Team Love Records. EL Madmo’s Debut album is set to hit the stores 5/20.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Carlo!
2. Head in a Vise
3. Vampire Guy
4. GGW
5. Sweet Adrenaline
6. Attack of the Rock People
7. The Best Part
8. Fantasy Guy
9. I Like it Low
10. Scary Lady
11. Nonny Goat Mon
12. Rock Yer Balls Off

You can Pre-Order your copy here


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