Posted by: Bill Jones | April 14, 2008

Mos Def’s Big Band and The Roots New Album News

Well well NYC, it looks like this summer will be sizzling hot. Just announced, the Mos Def Big Band with special guest Gil Scott-Heron will be performing at the JVC Jazz Festival on June 28th. Mos Def describes the event as “an evening of music and spoken words with material drawn from Miles Davis, Beyoncé, James Brown, and others.” I believe that tickets are on sale now.

The Roots new album Rising Down is due out April 25th and eargoggles is “mos def” onboard. This is your chance to buy directly from The Roots! Also available is an exclusive Rising Down tee with your copy of the album, either featuring the original album artwork or just rep “Rising Down.” You can also pre-order the album by itself. A quick sample of things to come; this alternate version of “Rising Down (Hum Drum)” which was made when the original version almost got scrapped due to a sample clearance issue.

Here’s your file

Although Billboard and ?uestlove report on the song being dropped from the album, Rik Cordero shot a video for “Birthday Girl” somewhere out in Long Island a couple of weeks back. We weren’t there, nor were The Roots. The video features Adult Film Star / Performance Artist Sasha Grey as well as, according to one attendee, some “weird/creepy dudes.” Here’s a video directed by Rik Cordero shot for The Roots’ “Birthday Girl,” featuring Sasha Grey. On Tax Day, The Roots link up with Rik to shoot a video for “Rising Up” in NYC.

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  1. I’m sorry, but “Birthday Girl” is horrible. Is it supposed to be a joke?

    I’m intrigued by Mos Def’s Big Band. I loved some of the stuff he did with Black Jack Johnson. “Bedstuy Parade” is a classic song. Unfortunately I live on the West Coast, so do you know if there are any MP3s of him performing with the band?

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