Posted by: Bill Jones | April 26, 2008

Elvis is Alive! and He Loves Cup O’Noddles!!

Momofuku AndoNot too sure if you were familiar with Momofuku Ando or not, but apparently Elvis is. In a post on his official Web site, Elvis Costello confirmed his new album (Momofuku) is indeed named after Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the Cup Noodle. “Like so many things in this world of wonders, all we had to do to make this record was add water,” he writes. The legendary singer/songwriter also confirms that though the album is available right now as a double vinyl, over the course of the coming weeks, they will be adding many more products including the Momofuku CD (releasing on May 6). The Momofuku vinyl includes access to a special download of the Momofuku MP3. Included will be instructions on how to access said download starting on May 1. “You may prefer other, more portable, less scratchable, editions that will soon become available for your convenience,” Costello says. “But this is how it sounds the best: with a needle in a groove, the way the Supreme Being intended it to be.” Costello also gives an in-depth track-by-track on Momofuku, including stories behind collaborations with Roseanne Cash, Johnathan Rice and Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis.

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May 6th Elvis Costello’s new album, mentioned above, was available digitally and on CD for those of you who eschewed the vinyl version. Now you can also stream it in full right here. Some quick listens–“No Hiding Place” is pretty rocking and track three (“Turpentine”) is coming with a great guitar sound and a greater Jenny Lewis harmony. Momofuku is out via Lost Highway Records.

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