Posted by: Bill Jones | May 7, 2008

Make a New Song. All You Need is You / Parts & Labor.

A Gertie Fox, by appearance only,-like Brooklyn-based band is calling on their fans, or you, for some help on their next album. The full-length follow-up to last year’s Mapmaker, is currently in production by Parts & Labor. Your part is in-fact the labor in the new Album. They explain below in a press release:

Want to be on the next Parts & Labor album?

We’re in the studio working on our next album. Send us some audio samples to use on the recording.

We’re looking for snippets of noises, field recordings, found sounds, drones, speaking, etc.

Send audio that responds to any or all of these questions:

1. What’s your favorite or least favorite sound?
2. What are you afraid of?
3. What do your parents sound like?
4. Where are you going, or where have you been?

The deadline for submissions is May 23.

Please keep the samples under 10 seconds. WAV or AIFF formats are preferred (but MP3s are okay too).

Email your submissions to Include your name for crediting purposes if you want.

Parts & Labor

PS: By sending us audio files, you’re agreeing to let us use them on our audio recordings in any way we see fit, forever and ever. Don’t send lawyers at us.

BSo, a new album, a trip to Europe in July and a live show later this month. Parts & Labor indeed have plenty of labor to work on.

That goes double for knob-twisting/vocalist Dan Friel, who will release Ghost Town, his first solo album, via Important Records on May 13.

Listen: mp3 Parts & Labor: Fractured Skies [from the Mapmaker LP]
Listen: mp3 Dan Friel: Ghost Town Pt. 1 [from the forthcoming Ghost Town LP]

Parts & Labor:

05-09 Hanover, NH – Fuel Rocket Club (Dartmouth College) *
07-02 Kristiansand, Norway – Quart Festival
07-04 Nuremberg, Germany – K4
07-05 Wurzburg, Germany – Cairo
07-06 Prague, Czech Republic – 007 Stahov
07-07 Munich, Germany – Sunny @ Feierwerk
07-08 Berlin, Germany – Festsaal
07-09 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
07-10 Dortmund, Germany – FZW
07-11 Utrecht, Netherlands – Ekko
07-12 Manchester, England – Islington Mill
07-13 Birmingham, England – Supersonic Festival
07-14 London, England – Corsica Studios
07-15 Leeds, England – Faversham
07-16 Paris, France – Maroquinerie


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