Posted by: Bill Jones | May 23, 2008

Death Cab for Cutie’s New Album is Free??

So, we know we here at eargoggles are not the first (or last) to post our opinion on Death Cab for Cutie‘s new release Narrow Stairs, but nevertheless-here we go. Of course we have heard the spacey time-driven 8+ minute “I Will Posses Your Heart” and cannot get enough; saw the video as well. This past weekend we streamed the album off AOL on a sunny Southern Californian afternoon and sipped Champagne and Cranberry juice.

First impression was that this was well produced; not over-produced, like so many big acts can get sometimes. Narrow Stairs seemed like a natural progression from Plans, while looking back at some of their more “Independent” works: We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes, Something About Airplanes, The Photo Album etc. Chris Walla, also of The Postal Service, produced nearly all of the tracks and really tried to make the songs sound the way he saw them. The introduction of tablas on some tracks, marching beats with gospel keys below Ben Gibbard‘s lullabye layden storied voice works to perfection on You Can Do Better Than Me; think Jim James from My Morning Jacket not on blow.

There are some misses; just like any good album, Talking Bird never gets off the ground. Seems like a baby bird trying to learn how to fly who just keeps flying back into the nest and never takes off. Your New Twin Sized Bed is too simple for the album and kind of sent it back in the middle of a decent record. It may be on purpose however, the next song, Long Division, would not be as punchy not following the easy listening blandness of Your New Twin Sized Bed.

Our initial plan was to pay full price! for the album from a store! One of the eargoggles team went to a local book/media store, it rhymes with Borders, and bought said album and a new book, Sway by Zachary Lazar. The clerk rang up the items, they left, only to find that they were only charged for the book! See, even when we try not to “steal” the music off the interweb, we still get it for free. And the album is actually worth the price we would have paid.

So overall, upon first listening this album is Good. We will put it on heavy rotation this weekend and see if becomes Great. Speaking of Great here is a great live set from “Whale’s Vagina.”

Here’s a Live set from San Diego, Ca  Street Scene – Best Buy Stage July 30th, 2005

01 – Title Track
02 – We Laugh Indoors
03 – The New Year
04 – Title and Registration
05 – Lightness
06 – Soul Meets Body
07 – For What Reason
08 – A Movie Script Ending
09 – Crooked Teeth
10 – Photobooth
11 – Blacking Out the Friction/All Is Full of Love
12 – Proving My Hypothesis

Here’s your file

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