Posted by: Bill Jones | May 25, 2008

Who Said Party? Valencia, Spain’s Own Cof Cof Wants to Know

Every so often on this interweb thing you come across a band or artist that confuses you and also seems so right at the same time. Cof Cof, the band/duo from Valencia, Spain, is a good representation of one of those acts. The freeness and quirkiness of Spanish culture, or so we believe (we will see first hand in August), pop right out at you immediately. There is the swirling together of all kinds of musical elements in to one giant musical plate of Paella, Valencia is the birthplace of the National dish.

more after the jump + free download

Cof Cof’s songs are pretty minimalist and dance-y. Not just vocal tracks; stacked blips and lo-fi 8-bit instruments bounce around catchy lines, most of which’s is in Native Spanish, yet there is some English bits inside as well. It is like a Fanta commercial just broke out at a Family BBQ and everyone goes with it. Cof Cof exibits a distinct aesthetic and silly nature that is as fitting for reverence and snobbery as it is for unadulterated Nintendo-laden revelry. Their lead single, My HDD is Broken has a clear sense of humor, with it’s vague analogies and forthright, tongue in cheek theme, good Barbecue fare for sure. Check the above mentioned track out as well as a couple of other downloadable songs over at their myspace.

So far, no plans to tour outside of Spain are planned, but the eargoggles team is working ’round the clock and our readers will be the first to know if they head this, or any other, direction.

Our Grab to day is a must download: Cof Cof’s new release Who Said Party?

Track Listing:

1. Forbidden Cocktail

2. My HDD is Broken

3. Infection

4. Caribbean Boy

5. Beach Day

6. Who Said Party?

7. Sign Song

8. Dirty Tricks

Here is your file


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