Posted by: Bill Jones | May 31, 2008

Mickey Factz; The New Hip-Hop Savior??

Taken from his website:

“Overcoming the climate of mediocrity and misdirection, Mickey Factz takes us on his internal search for clarity and meaning on his journey towards self-enlightenment. We watch as the abstract psyche of an artist come into full focus as he confides in us about his aspirations, relationships, and vices. Laying his narrative over an eclectic array of music from alternative to rock to electronic while still embracing his foundations, Mickey Factz christens Heaven’s Fallout as the genesis of the new sound of Hip-Hop for a new generation. Some may consider him the savior, others may consider him the messenger; he believes he’s just fulfilling what he’s been chosen to be.”

(more after the jump + download and tracklist)

Not really our (eargoggles) idea of true Hip-Hop, but this Indie-Hop self-release, !!not just for white sub-urban kids anymore!!, from Mickey Factz is promising in some respects. At times it has some twinges of Kanye West; self-promotion and cocky-ness with loose lyrics that think they’re metaphors, some other places there is evident influence from Jay-Z and other NYC area artists. Basically some sissy East Coast Hip-Hop trying to get hard with synths and a lot of post production work.

There are some gems though. When he slows it down and makes some electro/r&b type stuff–downtempo tracks 6. Stop Me, 7. Something About Us, 10. You Remind Me ft. Jesse Boy, 13. Let You Go. or the emotional tracks 14. Living Dead and 16. Jacob’s Ladder are fun and well done. The last track could, and we stress could, be a nice club track. Or it could of been we used to go to clubs…or when we would have gone to clubs…or when we were at the age of people went to clubs, track 17. I Like Your Supra’s.

Fun listen nonetheless, lot of good ideas that are a little different, give the team a little more time to sharpen their skills, both MCing and producing and it could be something to watch for in the next few months to years.

Let Mickey give you a quick rundown track by track below:

Heavens fallout

1) Vietnam:
All of my mixtapes start with me going off for about 60 bars or more. I did
about a 100. Its basically bringing people up to speed with what I’ve
been doing. I love this song alot. When it goes in reverse I’m saying
“best, the, am, I”. Read it from the left. Haha

Inspiration : Previous intro’s I’ve done

2) Never Fallout:
I give credit to Nakim for this song. His verse was already written with
the flow. 88 keys said I sounded to much like Jay-Z so we was like lets
show em I can do it all. Crush management got wind of this and thru me
on the official remix with Lil Wayne and Kanye. Then other people got on it
and it was trash. This by far is the best version. It inspired them.

Inspiration: Nakim, 88 keys, Steve-O

3) Talk Yo Ish:
Steve found this chick named Uffie from England. Originally he wanted me
to sample Pop the Glock and talk my shit on there. I wasn’t feeling it
like that. I heard Hot Chick by her and decided to chop that up. At
first listen to it, it throws you off. Then the hook catches you. I made
this my single cause its so infectious. One of the best songs I ever

Inspiration: Steve-O, Mickey Factz
Bonus track:
Robot Rock
I came across this joint and didn’t know what to do. Steve decided lets
make it an interlude and u just go off. So I did just that. I didn’t
wanna make it like vietnam. So him and I added spice to it.

Inspiration: Steve-O, Mickey Factz, Beanie Siegal

Access Granted:
Steve once again found this amazing sample. He brung it to me and it
sounded like a classy fashion record. I wrote the verses and decided I
needed a singer on it. I told my engineer Whytebone to sing the hook.
The rest is history. This song is amazing.

Inspiration: Fashion, Steve-O, Whytebone, Saint

There’s Nothing Left:
I wrote this song about my ex. Saint told me about this sample and I
quickly loved the music. It fit perfect with what I was trying to
capture. Sometimes you don’t realize what love is until its gone. That’s
what I was trying to convey in this song.

Inspiration: Saint, My Ex, Love

Stop Me
I heard this record and I liked it alot. Steve of course wanted me to do
it. He pushed me to record it. I wrote it really quick. Didn’t take much
thought. Alot of people loved the direction I took with it. Great

Inspiration: Haters, Steve-O, Mickey Factz

Something About Us:
This record is about my love for music. Its something about music that
won’t let me seperate from it. Its that attatched to me. Its probably
the most regular song on here as far as ‘weird music’

Inspiration: Music
Bonus track:

This was a regular song and saint heard it and said it was too wild and
wack. Now that’s hard to believe. But I trust Saint with my career. So I
listened and made it more revelant to the hook. As well as making it

Inspiration: Living, Saint

Sick and Tired:
Precize found this iPod. He always said to me, yo there’s this song on
there that you could do over. So Steve hears it and says tell people
what your Sick and Tired of. So I did just that. Whytebone sounds like
he was inspired. Lol

Inspiration: America, Precize, Steve-O, Whytebone

Smack My Bitch Up
Steve wanted to record up until the release of the cd. Lol. He brought
this record to me and I was like ight lets do it. It came out hot. I
like it. We needed some type of reckless talking. So there it is. There’s

a line in the second verse that I hope people catch. Has to do with peeing.

Inspiration: Recklessness, Steve-O

You Remind Me
I give full credit to Steve on this. I had never heard this commercial
before. As usual Steve calls me taking me out of my zone to do something
else. So I wrote the song in about 20 minutes cause I didn’t wanna do
it. Even when I recorded it I aint like it. Who woulda thought everybody
would love it including me. Haha. It was the first record recorded for
heavens fallout. We threw Jesse on their for the final touch.

Inspiration: Steve-O, Cavemen, The Finest Chick.

Freaky Girl:
The last song recorded for the mixtape. My man Freaky Will from ed
banger records came thru and blessed the song as a feature. It was about
a freaky girl. The extra shit that happened was really recorded by me
having sex. Crazy right? Lol.

Inspiration: Fiona, Freaky Will

Loud Whispers:
Apparantly Pre, Pre, Precize was playing around one day and made a beat.
The shit sounded weird as hell but because we’re doing Heavens Fallout
it was perfect. I didn’t know what to talk about till a certain
situation involving my sister happened. She was the reason for this song
and the reason why I don’t speak anymore.

Inspiration: Saint, My Sister, Precize

Let You Go:
During the recording process for this mixtape my engineer, Dub-B A.k.A
Whytebone changed his sound along with me. He started digging up records
and suggesting things. This song he sang to and came up with a hook for.
I heard it and recorded it in 40 minutes. Alot of real shit was spat in
that song. Me and Whyte went back and forth on the final results but its
still hot!

Inspiration: Whytebone, Chicks

Living Dead:
For this cd I’ve expanded my range in music and I came across Bjork. Now
I thought she was weird as hell but musically she’s amazing. This
paticular song talks about 3 situations. 1) For non-believers in Mickey
factz, writing me off as dead. 2) My family members. 3) Hip Hop.
And of course Whytebone without me saying anything came up with the
hook. Amazing. He’s a star.

Inspiration: Bjork, Bullshit

My favorite record on the mixtape. The intro alone zones me out. I’ve
heard people say this is an amazing song that is so refreshing. I’m just
happy to breathe. That’s why I wrote it. I broke down Microsoft Word
applications in that shit. Find it. Lol. Kudos to Saint.

Inspiration: Saint, Life.

Jacobs Ladder:
Wow. This song right here means alot to me. As I was writing the hook to
this song at 5 am, Saint was writing the thesis of the mixtape. Without
us knowing what each other was doing. Because of that, I put his thesis
as the intro and outro of the record. It may be long but that aint no
coincidence. That’s me singing on the record too. I love this record. So

Inspiration: Life, Saint.

The Supra Song.
We came back from China pumped. So the first night we got back together
we fooled around and made a song about Supra’s. Steve killed it, Saint
murdered it, I was ight. Lol. Jocelyn didn’t wanna be on it and Precize
manhandled the hook and beat. Instant classic. Don’t be surprised if we
get our own sneaker.

Inspiration: GFC, Fashion

Download the Album here


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