Posted by: Bill Jones | June 13, 2008

Friday’s Remix

Sometimes remixes get too much hype; don’t sound anything like the original–or too much. Sometimes they completely loose the whole meaning of the original song; take a snippet and loop it over and over. Sometimes they are completely horrible! Sometimes, however, it is a genre-bending opus that completely turns a Genre’s Classic into a new favorite for a new generation of music fans.

Case in point: Hot Chip’s take on Pharcyde’s – Passin’ Me By

(more after the jump + music files)

— Classic Hip-Hop, before Hip-Hop was a negative wasteland of repetitive lyrics that contain self-promoting blingy-ness and proclamation of self-worth, in front of over-produced ring-toned beats. No, struggle for identity or in life, no poetry, no creative use of the tools provided to them at all. Pharcyde is/was one of Hip-Hop’s 2nd, or 3rd, generation’s leaders. Their song Passin’ Me By is a constant here at eargoggles and will be along side the newly discovered remix.

The remix speaks for itself…so do we. It takes the lazy drifting feel of the original’s jazz club keys and basic drum beat to an even more expanded 60s LA psychedelic-rock scene, ala The Doors, and breathes rings of musical smoke swirling around the listeners ears.

Off of RMXXOLOGY which celebrates 20 years of label Delicious Vinyl. Out August 18.

Very Far Out! Listen here


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