Posted by: Bill Jones | June 14, 2008

Rock and (Kaiser)Roll

Jennifer Niederst Robbins, or Jen, has combined two of her favorite things (as well as ours here at eargoggles) Cooking and Music. Big deal! so does everyone else when they cook at home. No, but she tapes a bunch of well-known, and sometimes not so well-know, Rockstars cooking up some of their favorite tasty treats. Sounds pretty simple.

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It started in 2002 when her friends were urging her to do her take on a Martha Stewart-esque cable access show about cooking, crafts, music, and technology. She didn’t know anything about making a TV show, but she did know how to make a web site, so Jen grabbed my video camera and started talking to some her rockstar friends. Enter, The Jenville Show (later renamed Cooking with Rockstars).

Now, her classification of “Rockstar” may be a little loose however. It includes other “non-musical” types as well, people who are weird, quirky, fantastic, or creative. All the artists are hand-selected by Jen because she loves and believe in their music or their message. In addition to providing a unique view of popular artists, the site is a way for her to promote up-and-coming bands she believes everyone should know about.

Some of the fan favorites include: Jack Black’s Dorrito Burritos, Ben Gibbard’s peanut butter veggie sausage toast, and Rufus Wainright’s take on his mother’s Borscht.

Check-out the page here


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