Posted by: Bill Jones | June 19, 2008

Los Angeles’ New “It Band” HEALTH Releases Two Newbies

Unlike most of the trendy-dance rock, flash-in-the-pan bands who “pay to play” on Sunset, these guys actually have some really fresh musical sense and weight to their music. They put together some noisy, abstract, energetic rock that would probably sound at home on both a label like DFAor some underground punk imprint from early 1990s Orange County. It isn’t something that will take hold right away necessarily, but as these scorching California Summer afternoons roll on, you’ll be in-tune with their trance well into daybreak–in California or otherwise; Indiana kids will love it.

more after the jump + music/video files

Checkout: “Triceratops(1), Crimewave(2), Tabloid Sores(3), M(4),” and “Glitter Pills(5).” Pressed on some white vinyl.

Not your bag; well try their remixed versions then.

HEALTH has a bunch of hipster-producer friends that actually know how to produce and this alternate-take/remix album is proof of it. The producer credits read like a “who’s-who” for “who cares.” HEALTH owe a bit of their new-found success to buddies Crystal Castles, so it’s not a bad place to start, check the lo-fi new waveness of “Crimewave(1).” The blog phenomenon Acid Girls show their chops with 2 entertaining remixes(2,3) of “Triceratops.” Showing just how deep their crew gets, HEALTH enlist Tigerbass’ CLAWS to remix(4) “Lost Time” into a fidget-tribal-thingamajing. Lab favorites Pink Skull’ s take on “Heaven“(5) even get dirty with a spacey house fix… Pretty excellent as far as these remix albums go. Comes Highly Recommended from eargoggles.

Still not your bag…How about a remixed movie/video??

It seems like the younger generation thinks they have run out of both musical and visual ideas, so they might as well keep recycling the past; right?. In our ever-growing cut-and-paste society there was bound to be a medium such as this: beautifully shot film skillfully edited to good music, consisting of material lifted from Werner Herzog’s brilliant short documentary The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner???? Sure! this video for HEALTH’s “Heaven” (not officially released back in November of 2007), takes scenes from the film that tells the Icarus story of Swiss ski jumper Walter Steiner, who was so good at ski-jumping that his breathtaking flights in the 1970s put him in danger of out-jumping the slope, which could have killed him. At least that’s the way Herzog told it. It is a truly brilliant film on it’s own– the slow-mo shots of the jumps seem to last forever, and said footage looks lovely here with this piggybank-rattling instrumental from the L.A. band.

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