Posted by: Bill Jones | June 21, 2008

The Shins Go Even Indier; Will Release Next Full Length Themselves

Now it all makes sense.

Later next month, July 12th and 13th actually, Sub-Pop Records is throwing themselves a 20th Anniversary Party. Lots of great acts will be in the Great Pacific Northwest hootin’-and-a-hollerin’ at Seattle’s Marymoor Park. Fleet Foxes, Beachwood Sparks, Low, Mudhoney, Wolf Parade, eargoggles-fave The Helio Sequence, Iron & Wine, will be there with many more included…except Sub-Pop darling The Shins.

Why you ask??

Looks like the boys from Portland-via-New Mexico are packing-up and movin’ on according to

“The Shins are likely to self-release their fourth studio album through frontman James Mercer’s Aural Apothecary label … The Shins are seeking a deal that would allow them to own their masters, “and, in addition to the marketing tools we have at our own disposal, team up with a label partner that will assist with additional marketing, radio, and various costs,” [Shins manager, Ian] Montone confides.”

“The deal will be more of a [pressing and distribution] deal than a traditional record deal,” Montone tells Billboard. “That partner could very well remain Sub Pop, who have done a remarkable job with the band and have a great staff of people who really love music. It could be a digital partner with respect to other rights. All of this is being determined. The first goal is to make the record and see where that takes us.”

The band’s most recent album, 2007’s “Wincing the Night Away,” debuted at a career-best No. 2 on The Billboard 200 and has sold more than 538,000 copies.

That would explain the absence at the festival.

Still wanna go? Try here for more info.


  1. Hey –

    Amy here at Original Signal. I was checking out your blog, and was hoping to send some info on an artist of ours, David Ford, who is returning to LA on July 10.



  2. The (dot)com version of The Shins’ website has been taken off line in on ongoing dispute over good old fashioned green backs.

    theshins (dot) co (dot) uk is still up and running

    (for the time being)

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