Posted by: Bill Jones | July 15, 2008

Capital’s Neighbors Need to be Muzzled

capital records building

So, Los Angeles has approved the building of a new development near the almost iconic Capitol Records building. The condo development, planned for 6230 Yucca Boulevard, was part of some big hubbub earlier this summer. EMI–along with the everpresent Hollywood preservationists–worried that the act of constructing the building, including the planned underground parking garage, would damage the acoustics know for their “Magic Properties.”

The developer, Second Street Ventures, agreed to a number of excentric construction conditions not unlike the ones requested by some of the artists who record at the building when performing live.

– First, construction equipment and construction itself will be forbidden after 10 a.m. within 40 feet of the property line in order to make sure any ongoing recording sessions would not be interrupted.

– Second, alternative measures to steel-tracked construction equipment will be put into place.

– Third, there will be a sound baffle that uses a foam liner that will be erected between the property line of Capitol Records and this new underground garage, which will ensure that the echo chambers adjacent to the recording studios are not damaged.

– And finally, seven bottles of Cristal–preferably the 1996 vintage– and only Green Peanut M&Ms to be placed in their green rooms.
Capital’s underground studios have been noted for their “natural reverb.” The magical music banks have hosted some very legendary recordings from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as well as The Beach Boys and Green Day.


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