Posted by: Bill Jones | August 13, 2008

Mas Musica Para Su


A couple of us herre at eargoggles just got back from pretty much the best place in the world–at least to us. Costa Rica! With little, or no contact, to and/or with the World Wide Web for just under two weeks it was a little hard to merge, or Cedo al paso,  over the pass and onto the Information Super-Highway without double-checking our mirrors. Luckly, whilest we were away, we had some others watching the goings-on in the online world of music and brought us up to speed. For the most part. There is only so much reggaeton one can handle before even the Eagles sound okay!

A couple of new things to help bring your music with you and bring music to you…

MixTurtle is an online music search tool that creates playlists of songs you find online. Kinda like Songbird without having to download a huge program and new browser to use. It works with an index of millions of songs and auto-completes your search terms as you enter them with some suggestions. Pretty much anything, or one, you can think of as long as there is an active link with an mp3 will be able to be put into a playlist and streamed through any browser. Think back to all those random bands that were starting websites and email lists when you had to go see your buddies bands in random towns and venues back in the early millenium. They’re there.

Once you find songs you would like to listen to, you simply click on them to start playing or click on the plus symbol next to the song to add it to your playlist. You can create an account and log in to save your playlists, but a login is not required to use the service. The playback applet has no control for volume or jumping about within the track that is playing, but otherwise the playback is clean and the quality of the tracks high.

There is also an all new free concert-finding website Bandsintown. This offers a convenient tag-cloud-style list of upcoming live concerts in your area, or any you choose. As cool as that is, the site can also filter and highlight shows based on your favorite or recommended artists in iTunes or It also offers an RSS or iCal feed of upcoming shows, offers an embeddable widget of upcoming shows, and lets you scale or filter shows by ticket price or distance. Not too shabby. It also keeps track of unsigned bands, so if the glory days of sitting through horrible bands to see your friend’s slightly less horrible band sounds like fun you are all set.


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