Posted by: Bill Jones | September 27, 2008

Tapes Worm a Hole Through the Music Industry

Muxtapes, Favtapes and of course good ‘ol Mixtapes. All seem to be the norm of the form of spreading music more and more nowadays. None more so then the always time-consuming and consummate good time Mixtape. No genre has embraced this more than Hip-Hop and it’s Djs. Even the MCs are using MIxtapes to promote full lengths now, as record companies are a pretty much a thing of the past. Promotion has gone back to the streets as it was in the begining. Self-produced tracks, remixes and mash-up opuses of large lengths are more prevelent now with ProTools readily available and no real need for hard copy distribution. Just cut a track, upload it to a file sharing site, alert the bloggers and release it.

Here are a few Mixtapes we found (via Metallungies)

Legend, DJ Nice & Statik Selektah – Back 2 The Basics (Leaders Of The New School).

Want to know what is truly going on in Hip-Hop right now? Want to know what it is truly all about? Try this out. It has some new joints from some eargoggles faves as well as other recent under underground tracks. Be sure to check out Curren$y, Stimuli, and the Blu tracks–a true sell. Dj Nice may have the sunny name, but the mean beats and the complete set from top to bottom is a total dick move for your ears and’ll make you hate the DJ too good.

01. Torae – Back 2 The Basics (Intro)
02. Jadakiss – Who Run This (Feat. Jay-Z) (Produced By Baby Grand)
03. Joell Ortiz – Sympathy
04. Styles P – Villian (Produced by J.Cardim)
05. Stimuli – Walk On Water 2
06. Skyzoo – Bragging Rights (Remix) (Produced by Analogic)
07. Fashawn – Our Way (Feat. Evidence) (Produced by Exile)
08. Godchild – Another Day, Another Dollar (Produced by Mike The Martyr)
09. Reks – Money On The Ave (Remix) (Feat. Skyzoo & Termanology)
10. Cambatta – What It Do (Produced by Boonie Mayfield)
11. Statik Selektah – Mr. Popularity (Feat. Consequence)
12. Cory Gunz – Lay Me Down (Produced By Nottz)
13. Lil Wayne – Still Standing (Feat. Junior Reid) (Snippet)
14. Emilio Rojas & M-Phazes – 585
15. Kanye West – Love LockDown
16. AC – I Engineer (Feat. The Senate)
17. DJ KO – Someday (Talib Kweli, Torae, John Robinson & Tiffany Paige)
18. Statik Selektah – This Is It (Showoff Remix) (Feat. D-Dot, Redman & Black Rob)
19. Ced Hughes – Back 2 The Basics (Like This) (Produced By Ced Hughes)
20. Ludacris – Undisputed (Feat. Floyd Mayweather Jr.) (Produced By Don Cannon)
21. B.o.B – I’ll Be In The Sky (Produced By B.o.B)
22. ESSO – Thinkin’ Out Loud IV
23. Max B – Live Comfortable
24. Big L – Principal Of The New School (Unreleased)
25. Naledge – Happy Birthday (Produced By Statik Selektah)
26. Fashawn – Because I’m Black
27. Blu – HoldOn
28. Theo – 2055 (The Future)
29. Rain – Back 2 Life (Produced By Scram Jones)
30. Curren$y – Whoa (Outro) (Produced By Kid Eight)

Your File

Black ELement Missing Elements – Vol. 1 Mixtape

This Mixtape of some Black ELement stuff has been (re-pre)worked by Dub Floyd. Pretty much all the stuff that has been flying around lately leading up to the full length coming soon. Tracks 6 and 7 are bangin’ (or rawkin) and 8 will swim through your head this election season.

01. Missing ELements (Intro)
02. All I ❤ feat. NAV (Prod. by Danksta)
03. The Itis (Prod. by 6th Sense)
04. Cant Call It (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
05. Confirmation (Prod. by 6th Sense)
06. Keeps it Rawkin’ (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
07. We Gon Ride (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
08. Presidential Paradise (Prod. by BBoySpaz)
09. Cuz We Felt Like It (Interlude)
10. Human (Prod. by Kush Klien)
11. The Fabolous Life (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
12. The Equation (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
13. Down?!?! (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
14. Halle Berry (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
15. Loose Change (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
16. Sex Ed feat. T-Payne (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
17. Missing ELements (outro)
18. BONUS – Ama Tell It Like (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
19. BONUS – Folks Don’t Cost A Thing feat. NAV
(Prod. by Rami Afuni)

Download here.

Royce Da 5′9″ – The Bar Exam 2 (Mixed by Green Lantern).

No! It is not Terrell Owens on the cover, it’s actually someone a little bit more of and average height, some here at eargoggles would say he’s quite tall. Royce (Da 5′ 9″) is an Industry Kid who has been around, played the game, went to jail-wrote and now might have a better chance without the pressure and “direction” of a record label who has other acts they are promoting. Metallungies has an interview here.


01 Crazed Madman Intro
02 Heat to the Streets f. Kid Vishis (prod. Green Lantern)
03 It’s the New
04 I’m Me Freestyle
05 I’m Nice
06 Gun Music (prod. Green Lantern)
07 Weatherman f. Sucka Free & Kid Vishis
08 I’m the Shit Fool!!! (Interlude)
09 We Deep f. Trick Trick (prod. Denaun Porter)
10 Let the Beat Build Freestyle f. Stretch Money
11 Royal Flush Freestyle f. Canibus & Elzhi
12 Jockin My Fresh (prod. Green Lantern)
13 Gettin Money Freestyle
14 Gangsta Remix f. Akon (prod. Green Lantern)
15 Happy Bar Exam 2 f. Marv Won
16 Ignorant Shit Freestyle
17 Flow Boy f. Tondalaya
18 Been Shot Down (prod. Green Lantern)
19 J-Ro vs. Mike B (Skit)
20 Kill Em Pt. 2 f. Kid Vishis
21 Wall Street f. June The Great
22 Royce Outro

Download here


Go here for some classic Dr. Dre Mixtapes from San Diego.


  1. You’re right, promotions have gone back to the streets, and people like David Elsewhere make no exception, but he does take it to the max! He did these videos for the Motorokr where he’s doing some sick moves in the street, you should check it.

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