Posted by: Bill Jones | October 4, 2008

Hip-Hop Heavies Warm-Up December

December brings with it cooler temperatures and visits from old friends and extended family. This December in particular will be chalk full of some of Hip-Hop’s old friends and extended family. Actually it should be HUGE. Rumors have it that Eminem has a new album (possibly titled Empack) dropping. There has also been a leak of the track list for Jay-Z‘s Blueprint 3. On which Em is said to be contributing some work. Throw in Dr. Dre and 50 Cent into the mix and December 2008 will be looking more like December 2001.

Detox, Dr. Dre‘s latest effort has been scheduled to be released for the last three or four years. Although there has not been a single released, or any sort of promotion through the normal channels, we here at eargoggles are sure that Dre’s work will be leaked soon.

According to Trick Trick, Eminem’s buddy, his new effort is said to feature the return of his celeb-bashing pop culture-satirizing alter-ego Slim Shady. “Everybody gets it. No one is safe,” says Trick. “He is showing no mercy. Slim Shady is a (13-letter curse word), and he’s back.”

Eminem curbed his use of his Slim Shady persona, basically “killing him off” on “When I’m Gone,” a track from his 2005 Greatest Hit album “Curtain Call.” So, it looks like we are returning to the days of Marshal skewering pop culture targets such as the Spice Girls on 1999’s “My Name Is,” *NSYNC and Christina Aguilera on 2000’s “The Real Slim Shady” and Moby on 2002’s “Without Me…”

The album being put out by the ever-bulletprooft 50 Cent will almost assuredly disappoint. While the album may sell millions, the art will be comprimised once again and the dullards will eat up the mumbling Hip-Pop that Fiddy is known for. Furthering the demise of the art of Rap and Hip-Hop with the mass-pop and keeping the underground, or otherground, Hip-Hop scene shackled to good ‘ol self-promotion.

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