Posted by: Bill Jones | July 9, 2008 Pays Unsigned Bands for Streaming Their Music

So,, always on the verge of the new, launched their Artist Royalty Program back in January, allowing unsigned musicians to collect royalties when their music is loaded into’s music brain and then streamed by it’s users; actually i think anybody can listen. Which may lead to some click fraud, but that’s just a theory flying around here at eargoggles. Read More…

Posted by: Bill Jones | July 8, 2008

TV Continues to Suck

Here’s this week’s TV music Viewing

Thursday, July 10:

ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Lil Wayne (rerun)
NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis (rerun)
NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: The Game (rerun)
CBS: Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Estelle (rerun)

Friday, July 11:

ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Cyndi Lauper (rerun)
CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Dr. John (rerun)
FUEL TV: The Daily Habit: Circle Jerks

Posted by: Bill Jones | June 27, 2008

Friday’s Links

Posted by: Bill Jones | June 27, 2008

Britain’s David Ford Brings His Sound to Los Angeles

You’re sitting in your car driving somewhere or listening to your ipod walking through the streets of a familiar, or unfamiliar, place listening to a song, or a set of songs, and you feel like you’re in a movie; or you should be.

This imprompto soundtrack is spot on. The music, the lyrics, the cadence of the artists voice, the rhythm of the guitars, the snap of the snare, all of it puts you in the moment and you’re lost; to the music.

And that’s just the first track. Read More…

Now it all makes sense.

Later next month, July 12th and 13th actually, Sub-Pop Records is throwing themselves a 20th Anniversary Party. Lots of great acts will be in the Great Pacific Northwest hootin’-and-a-hollerin’ at Seattle’s Marymoor Park. Fleet Foxes, Beachwood Sparks, Low, Mudhoney, Wolf Parade, eargoggles-fave The Helio Sequence, Iron & Wine, will be there with many more included…except Sub-Pop darling The Shins.

Why you ask?? Read More…

Unlike most of the trendy-dance rock, flash-in-the-pan bands who “pay to play” on Sunset, these guys actually have some really fresh musical sense and weight to their music. They put together some noisy, abstract, energetic rock that would probably sound at home on both a label like DFAor some underground punk imprint from early 1990s Orange County. It isn’t something that will take hold right away necessarily, but as these scorching California Summer afternoons roll on, you’ll be in-tune with their trance well into daybreak–in California or otherwise; Indiana kids will love it.

more after the jump + music/video files Read More…

Posted by: Bill Jones | June 14, 2008

Rock and (Kaiser)Roll

Jennifer Niederst Robbins, or Jen, has combined two of her favorite things (as well as ours here at eargoggles) Cooking and Music. Big deal! so does everyone else when they cook at home. No, but she tapes a bunch of well-known, and sometimes not so well-know, Rockstars cooking up some of their favorite tasty treats. Sounds pretty simple.

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Posted by: Bill Jones | June 13, 2008

Friday’s Remix

Sometimes remixes get too much hype; don’t sound anything like the original–or too much. Sometimes they completely loose the whole meaning of the original song; take a snippet and loop it over and over. Sometimes they are completely horrible! Sometimes, however, it is a genre-bending opus that completely turns a Genre’s Classic into a new favorite for a new generation of music fans.

Case in point: Hot Chip’s take on Pharcyde’s – Passin’ Me By

(more after the jump + music files) Read More…

Posted by: Bill Jones | June 13, 2008

Vinyl is the New Mp3

It seems that the “Record Nerds” that converge in a community center in Downtown Buena Park every month for the Vinyl Shows, we here at eargoggles included, are way ahead of the curve here. Or is it behind the future? Back to the fu??ture… Anyway, as recent studies have shown, vinyl records are the “new” savior of a declining music industry by actually being profitable. Probably because it’s hard to steal an LP online, let alone in a store. Try walking out of a Thrift Store with Crisis? What Crisis? by Supertramp (below). Virtually impossible!

EMI, a company freaking-out with personnel issues and decreasing sales, are hoping the new vinyl trend can help resurrect their profits. They are due to release fifteen of the EMI catalog’s most popular albums on vinyl. A rep at Capitol/EMI confirmed that the label would reissue the fifteen albums on August 19th, with each release replicating the original artwork and packaging from when the album was first issued. All things that are definitely not included in an mp3 file or thump drive. Some of the highlighted releases getting the vinyl treatment are the Beach Boys’ out-of-print Pet Sounds (awesome!), every pre-In Rainbows Radiohead album, R.E.M.’s Document, Coldplay’s pre-Viva la Vida albums and John Lennon’s Imagine (a must!). Also going back to wax is the Band of Gypsys album, Wings’ Band on the Run, a pair of Bob Seger albums and A Perfect Circle’s Mer de Noms. Pre-orders for the vinyls show they will be priced in the $20-30 range.

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Posted by: Bill Jones | June 12, 2008

New Beck – Brian Wilson Feel, Blue Note Look

What would a new release from everyone’s favorite dancing-indie-rocker Beck look like if he was signed to Blue Note?  Well, this>>>>

Beck has released his new album artwork and his tracklisting for the forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced-Cat Power-featured new Album: Modern Guilt. It will be out July 7 in the United Kingdom and Europe from XL, with a North American release the next day, July 8, from DGC.

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